Carlo Little went on to play with Screaming Lord Sutch and the Savages
Bill Parkinson went on to Tom Jones and The Squires
Paul Raymond went on to play with the hit band Plastic Penny
Brian Keith also went on to play and sing with Plastic Penny

These were among the main players in the Chris Lamb Show band; most of the personnel in this band went on to play in hit bands and groups. Chris Lambs show band was a very good band that could have held there own on any stage in the world.





After I left P.J.Proby I auditioned with 30 other guitarists and got the with job with top Irish show band Chris Lamb and The Universals,  this was a very good tight band with excellent musicians, On drums was Carlo Little, ex Rolling Stones, on vocals and Trombone was Brian Keith lead singer with Plastic Penny, on keyboards was Paul Raymond who played with many bands and on Bass, John Lawson. The sax player was Mort Sullivan, the leader Chris Lamb played trumpet,  We played everything from the top 20 to themes like Laurence of Arabia and Tijuana Brass, and of course an array of Irish music. We backed several stars like Stevie Wonder and played on several records.

During this period, we played at most of the American Air bases in the South of England, entering these bases was as if you entered the USA itself, hamburgers, neon, the ambiance was fantastic and was an experience not to be missed. 

In this time I did several gigs with The Galtimore Big Band in Cricklewood, London, This was a sight reading job so thanks to my mother, those lessons she gave me came in handy once again,

One day Carlo Little asked me and a couple of the other musicians if we would join the Savages and back Screaming Lord Sutch.







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