I played on Top of the Pops with P.J.Proby Orchestra on the radio show Saturday Club.
I was asked by the Orchestra leader Dick McPherson to write a couple of guitar instrumentals to play before P.J’s entrance, as a build up to the show, one was called
“Lost Soul”, the other was called “The Bongo Wolf” “Lost Soul”, had a further use in Screaming Lord Sutch’s, band The Savages, as a drum solo theme for Carlo Little to play.

I will comment more on this on the Screaming Lord Sutch page.

My time with P.J.Proby was an experience never to be forgotten; I thought he was a great star with a wonderful voice. During my time with P.J. I became friends with the other musicians. They were session and big band players and they encouraged me to play along side them in bands like: Johnny Howard, Ray McVay and Cyril Stapleton. This was an experience that can’t be bought because they were all reading jobs, which improved my status as a guitarist.



To play for P.J was a marvelous opportunity to travel around the world. We played in Australia, New Zealand, coming back via Bangkok and Hong Kong. P.J was at this time accused of lewd behavior due to his pants splitting phase. To be honest this whole incident was greatly exaggerated and the female audiences went wild for his every movement.





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