The Leaders were a group I formed with Mel Dean and the late great John Boardman, a bass player from Morecambe. We rehearsed in an empty Fish and Chip shop just behind the promenade, Mel singing and me and John the bass player with a temporary drummer Ray Walsh, later to be followed by Bas Dixon then Eric Broadbent. We mostly played American Rock; i.e. Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis and most of the contemporary rock artists of the time.

Being a Jazz guitarist as well as a Rock guitarist, I did several numbers in that context. Also, being a songwriter I had the opportunity to write for the band, which proved very popular with our fans.

We played at the Tivoli Bar on the Morecambe sea front. When we started the place was empty and we received only £10 a night for the whole band - but we loved it! Soon the place was filled to over capacity. In fact, to such an extent that the ceilings had to be reinforced due the people bouncing on the floor to our music! We had to move the gig downstairs for 2 months whilst the work on the ceiling was completed.










We also played at the Floral Hall several nights a week. After finishing at the Tivoli Bar, we would pack all of our gear in to the van and set up 1 hour later to play the Floral Hall

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